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How to Shop at Faubourg during the Covid19 Crisis

Obviously, this situation is changing hour by hour, so check back here regularly for updates. 

Faubourg Wines is currently OPEN  7 days/week, Noon to 7 PM.

Wednesday Wine Tastings are CANCELLED until further notice.


We no longer allow the public to come inside the shop. Please call ahead for delivery or pick-up (see below). If you walk up to the shop, you should still call us on the phone from outside. Do not enter the vestibule. We will conduct a brief Personal Shopping interview, make selections for you, and take your credit card information via phone. We'll then bring your order out and leave it on the table. Please wait until our staff is a safe distance away before you approach the table to pick up your order. 

What do we mean by Personal Shopping? It means we make selections for you! What you get will be a surprise. It's fun! And we'll be sure to match your price point requests as closely as possible. 


We only need a little bit of information about your preferences in order to pick something you'll love. Of course, if you already know exactly what you're looking for, please let us know. 

Our Phone: 504-342-2217  *Do NOT leave a voicemail! We are not able to access our voicemails.

Curbside Pickup:

Call our shop during our regular business hours (12-9pm, 7 days). Ask for a pickup. Have some idea what you want, and have credit card ready. 

We will ask you for contact information, credit card number and expiration, and the zip code associated with your credit card. We'll also need to know who is picking up, and when.

Just tell us how many bottles you would like, in what style(s), and at what approximate price points. 

Trust us! We'll make great selections for you. 

Pull up outside the front door between the orange cones. Our staff will bring your purchase to your car. If it takes a few minutes, please be patient. Feel free to call us when you arrive, or stand outside and wave hello through the windows!


For now, we will deliver to the following neighborhoods: CBD/Warehouse, Tremé, FQ, 7th Ward, Marigny, Bywater, St. Roch, Musicians Village, Lower 9, Gentilly. Depending on how things go, we may decide to expand our delivery service. So if you are not in one of these areas, check back. Or, if you have a cluster of a few nearby friends somewhere outside our delivery area, and you all want a delivery, send us an email via the contact form on the web site. Maybe we can work something out! 

Order by phone from a Personal Shopper before 4:30 PM for same-day delivery. Orders received after 4:30 pm will be delivered on the following day. (342-2217 *Do not leave voicemail)

Deliveries will be made daily between 5-7 PM. A person over 21 must be present to receive. 

When you call, have your credit card ready, and know what you want. If it's a big order, it's a good idea to write yourself some notes before you call in. We won't be able to give you a total over the phone, but we'll adhere to your price point requests as closely as possible. 

Just tell us how many bottles you would like, in what style (red, white, sparkling, rosé, etc.), and at what approximate price points. Trust us! We'll make great selections for you. 

Place your order by 4:30 PM for delivery between 5-7 pm daily. Orders placed after 4:30 pm will be delivered on the following day, between 5-7 pm.

Lastly, a note about our safety protocols, and why we have chosen to remain open:

We are down to a staff of 4, plus the owner and one delivery driver. No one else enters the shop. We are all monitoring our health constantly. Should one of us begin to exhibit symptoms, we will ALL immediately self-quarantine and close the shop for at least 2 weeks. We have come to this agreement together, and we all take it very seriously.

Each of us is committed to no contact with anyone besides each other and one significant other/family member (at home). Within our closed circle, we all exercise extreme caution at home and at work. Outside work, we are staying home. At work we wear gloves when touching deliveries coming from our distributors. Boxes are only touched and opened with gloves, the contents of sealed boxes are pulled and stocked with clean hands. Our disinfecting rituals are constant and thorough. When we make deliveries, we wear a mask and gloves, and we leave products on your doorstep, knock, then walk away and watch from a safe distance to make sure you get your order. 

We believe that we are providing an important service. What we are doing is providing people with safe access to wine and food. We are keeping people off the streets and out of stores. We are helping people remain happy and comfortable at home. And yes, we are keeping a few service industry workers employed, and able to pay bills. And yes, we are hoping that doing this the right way, very carefully, will carry Faubourg Wines through to the other side of this. 


Thank you for your support, and your patience. This, too, shall pass. 

With love and courage, 

~ Your Friendly & Fearless Neighborhood Wine Shop